Sporting Club Isle of Man has been established to support anyone in the local community with aspirations and dreams within the top echelons of sporting endeavour to showcase their excellence within a team sports infrastructure.


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Team sport in particular can play a wonderful role in bringing people together and reinforcing our sense of national pride. As a nation, the Island can be rightly proud of the sporting success that our talented athletes have achieved at  elite level on UK and International stages.

We want to build on this. We want Isle of Man-based TEAMS to be given the opportunity to compete regularly at these levels.

We have the talent. Sporting Club Isle of Man will create the teams.

Far too many of our talented sportspeople have felt that they have been left with no option but to leave the Island to achieve their sporting dreams – leaving behind families, friends, work colleagues, which can have a detrimental impact to our community.

We believe Sporting Club Isle of Man can be a solution to this issue by creating new sporting pathways to help grow and nurture the next generation of team players, capable of excelling at elite sporting levels both on and off the ‘field of play’.


Football Club Isle of Man

FC Isle of Man aim to enter an off-island football league, preferably the NWCFL, in Season 20/21 with the aim of progressing through the English league system and reaching the Football League.

Cycling Club Isle of Man

CC Isle of Man will operate men’s and women’s cycling teams under the team name ‘Cycling Club Isle of Man’, with the intention of competing in UK and international cycle races from 2021.


We want as many people in the Isle of Man to join us and help achieve this ambition.

We believe it is in our best interests to have control of our shared destiny.

Sporting Club Isle of Man will therefore be OUR club, owned by OUR community via an annual membership scheme.

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We’ll only use your email to update you about Sporting Club memberships. For more info on how we use your data, see our Privacy Policy.


Members of Sporting Club Isle of Man will have access to the following benefits:

• Early access to purchase season tickets for our underlying Teams.
• Exclusive membership offers.
• Members only special events held during the year.
• Members only access to relevant content and news from Sporting Club Isle of Man
• Quarterly updates from Sporting Club Isle of Man on the progress of supported initiatives.
• Opportunity to join one of the underlying Teams supporters’ clubs for free.
(If you wish to support more than one of our Teams you will need to pay a further fee for each extra Team.)

Get ready to support our club by becoming a Member.

Let’s get ready to #BeBetter.





Tony is one of the key driving forces behind the structure of the club and its roots in the community. He is a multi-sports enthusiast in addition to football. Amongst other things he is chairman of a Manx Gaelic Football Club and is also heavily involved in rowing. His role is to ensure a high level of governance and integrity is maintained throughout the Club and its Teams as they fulfil their objectives.



Paul has been fortunate during his career to work in a variety of roles within professional sport as a player, coach, advisor and department manager. He has a strong record of creating forward-thinking and sustainable talent development environments in sport and has learnt much from his experiences of working alongside some or the best in the world within their sport and area of expertise. The Sporting Club concept is one which Paul has long admired and his role is to ensure the club and teams it owns follow and create best practice in all areas associated with sport development and performance.



Ty has a great deal of professional experience in strategic and leadership roles within the e-gaming industry having worked with a diverse portfolio of international organisations such as FIFA, the International Olympic Committee and the International Forum for Sports Integrity. His role is to help deliver the vision of the Club and its Teams by shaping and implementing a strategic framework which ensures the entity, its strategic partners and the greater island community benefit at every conceivable touchpoint.



Raj has been heavily involved in the island’s community across business, education and sports. He brings a great deal of professional experience and skills to this project with his passion for team sports, in particular football, hockey and rugby, and their operations on and off the field. His role is to help maintain the financial stability, sustainability and efficiency of the Club and its Teams by providing professional knowledge on business, accounting and taxation processes to ensure the entities fulfil their objectives.