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Creating New Opportunities for the Isle of Man through Team Sport

Sporting Club Isle of Man aims to provide a platform for those aspiring to compete for, work within or partner with high performance teams to showcase their excellence.

A Club Owned by Our Community

For a small annual membership you can play YOUR part in enabling OUR Island community to achieve its potential.

We welcome all those with a love of team sport or a connection to, or interest in, our Island to become members of Sporting Club.

As a member you will have access to a range of benefits, including the ability to have a say on the running of your chosen sports team.

The Vision

Our Island has always produced world-class athletes yet most who go on to compete at elite levels come from individual sports.

Opportunities for sports teams, and the individuals within them, to move from amateur to professional have been harder to obtain.

This is where Sporting Club Isle of Man comes in.

The Model

Sporting Club Isle of Man is based on a multi-sport model used by world famous clubs including Barcelona, Benfica and Olympiacos.

A Structure that will, in time, create regular professional team sporting opportunities for Manx residents.

YOUR Island, YOUR Community, YOUR Club

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