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It’s About Today, It’s About The Future

We sat down with FC Isle of Man players, Sean Doyle and Adam Cooil to discuss the importance of the Sporting Club project.

As part of the Sporting Club programme, the organisation wants to grow and provide an opportunity to sports teams and sports people across our beautiful island.

In the past years, it has proven that the Isle of Man are not to be taken for granted when it comes to sports as the island has produced some outstanding talents.


One the most recent successes has come from the founding of FC Isle of Man which has seen the team gain promotion and have matchday sell-outs at ‘The bowl’ – something the island has never seen before. 

FC Isle of Man have managed to gain a lot of success in just one season, with the chance to grow even further in the upcoming season.  

With the new season just around the corner, Sporting Club had the opportunity to speak with Sean Doyle and Adam Cooil about the project and get their thoughts on what’s to follow. 

Interview with Adam Cooil & Sean Doyle

The Next Chapter 

Adam Cooil, who set to leave for America and continue his growth as a footballer, spoke about the opportunities Sporting Club can provide and his experience in participating in the Manx Youth Games. 

Q) Sporting Club provides opportunities for young people to get into sports through the Manx Youth Games. What was your experience like and would you say you gained an opportunity to go to America after playing football at a higher level with FC Isle of Man?

He said: “I took part in the Manx Youth Games and it was a great experience because you get to meet different people.

“The opportunities that Sporting Club provided through that were great and I really enjoyed it. 

“Sporting Club and FC Isle of Man has helped to create an opportunity for me go to the States and keep playing at a high standard. 

“I know a few of the lads that have already gone out there like Mickey Williams, Alex Maitland and others that previously went out there like Liam Doyle. 

“I’ve always known about it, going out there and its always appealed to me. 

“I got in touch with an agency and they reached out to other schools in America who showed my highlight video, my grades, what club and level I’m currently playing at.

“They normally communicate between coaches and will set me up with the right school and the one which is the right fit.” 

Role Models

The success in the last season has seen a boost in fans from the community and island to become members and get behind their team.  

For the players, representing FC Isle of Man  also comes with responsibility to leave a good legacy behind for the next generation of talent. 

In a short amount of time, the players have become role models to these kids who look up to them and want to represent the club in the near future. 

Setting An Example

Sean Doyle, spoke about the importance of these young kids attending FC Isle of Man games and going back four years ago, nobody knew who these players were as kids attendances for local Manx Football were low. 

He said: “In terms of football, it’s about trying to set a good example and target for someone young who want to follow my footsteps.

“Three or four years ago, nobody knew who we were as footballers on the Isle of Man. 

“Now we have a good 100 plus kids who want to be us, want to be in our footsteps and want to play for FC Isle of Man when they’re older.

“For me that’s one of the most special things about last season.” 

Our Aim

Sporting Club and its teams continue to put the island on the national and international map, helping to service the local infrastructure, providing businesses with opportunities to be involved in the project, as well as getting people over to the island.

 As a model, the aim for Sporting Club is to accomplish these principles to other Isle of Man sports teams across the island with the support of the relevant sport’s governing bodies and our community.