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Membership Scheme Launched

With a highly successful launch for people who pre-registered their interest now over, Sporting Club Isle of Man is delighted to announce the full launch of our membership scheme.

We now invite anyone aged 16 and over wishing to take an active part in an exciting new chapter for sport in the Isle of Man to join us for as little as £20 per year, or less than 40p per week!

Sporting Club Isle of Man was launched towards the end of 2019 with three main objectives:

  1. Create and develop new Isle of Man-based sports teams to compete off-Island;
  2. Create and develop professional development opportunities and infrastructure on-Island;
  3. Promote and support Manx community projects to develop and expand the Island’s existing social and sporting capital.

One of the key benefits of ‘ownership’ is that Sporting Club Isle of Man members will be given the opportunity to participate in decisions affecting the Club. They will also have the ability to put themselves forward to be voted onto the Sporting Club Isle of Man board or as a Sporting Club representative on the Board of any team Sporting Club may own.

Membership Options

All members will ‘own’ Sporting Club (and thus its underlying team).

All members will have equal voting rights. However, the first 500 people signing up will be given Yn chied status (‘first’ in Manx Gaelic) and will have access to additional perks not available to the remaining members. Thereafter new members will be given Feeagh status (‘raven’ in Manx Gaelic).

If members have a particular interest in any particular sport, there are options to receive their ‘Yn chied’ perks at the club that fits with their interest as an official ‘Yn chied’ Supporter. ‘Yn chied’ spaces at clubs are also limited and strictly on a first-served basis. Once ‘Yn chied’ places are filled, supporters will join at ‘Feaagh’ level.

For £30 per year (less than 60p per week)

  • Become a member of Sporting Club Isle of Man, PLUS to celebrate the launch of our Membership Scheme you will also become an Official Supporter of both our current teams, Football Club Isle of Man AND Cycling Club Isle of Man.

For £20 per year (less than 40p per week)

  • Become a member of Sporting Club Isle of Man and an Official Supporter of EITHER Football Club Isle of Man or Cycling Club Isle of Man.

Ty Smith, Commercial Director, Sporting Club Isle of Man said:

We’ve been overwhelmed by the response from those people who pre-registered their interest in Sporting Club Isle of Man. We now have ‘owners’ in over 11 different countries!

On our first day, we were joined by members from countries as far afield as Germany, USA, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia.

With the pre-registration process now closed, we have over 60 members outside of the Island and this demonstrates both the strength of support for the project amongst its global community but also inclusivity that is inherent within the Manx spirit.

The club always set out to bring our community together behind the focal point of sport. That community now just spreads a little further.

Full details on memberships can be found at