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Annual Memberships

Sporting Club Isle of Man will be owned by our community via an annual membership scheme, with memberships open to anyone (16+) with a connection to, or interest in, the Isle of Man.

Just £20 per year (plus VAT) entitles you to become a member of Sporting Club Isle of Man, plus choose whether to become an official supporter of one of the teams we will all own.

If you choose to support a team, you can allocate half of your membership fee to the team you select e.g. Football or Cycling and become an official supporter of that team.

So… if you wish to help develop new opportunities through team sport that will add real value to our community then become a Member today.

Membership benefits

All Sporting Club members will be able to participate in the high-level decision-making processes of the Club and receive exclusive members only offers.

Members will also have the opportunity to be voted onto the Board of Sporting Club Isle of Man, or one of the teams it owns, as a member representative to ensure the members’ voice is heard at all levels.

There are two tiers of Membership and Official Supporter, each with their own benefits: Yn chied (First in Manx Gaelic) and Feeagh (Raven in Manx Gaelic).

Tiers of membership / supporters are reallocated each year with those registering early gaining Yn chied status and those registering later gaining Feeagh status.

This allows individuals to choose how they would like to engage with the club and the teams we will all own.

Membership T&Cs

Sporting Club Isle of Man Membership Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.