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New Partnerships for Sporting Club Isle of Man

Following on from its launch at the end of February, Sporting Club Isle of Man (‘Sporting Club IOM’) announce two exciting developments which evidence the commitment we aim to make to our local community and our environment.

Sporting Club Isle of Man Kit Deal Announced

We are very excited to announce the agreement of a deal with specialist sportswear company Hope and Glory to provide our teams with ‘EcoKit’; environmentally-friendly sportswear manufactured from recycled plastic bottles that have been melted down to produce a fine yarn.

We are currently finalising the EcoKit with Hope and Glory and Sporting Club IOM apparel will be available for purchase within a matter of weeks.

Beach Buddies Community Partnership

It is with great pleasure that we welcome globally renowned Isle of Man charity Beach Buddies as our first community partner.

Sporting Club IOM, through community initiatives driven by its teams and members, will be working with Beach Buddies to promote environmentally-friendly practices and will be actively involved in the fantastic work that Beach Buddies does to keep our Island’s beaches and marine environment free from litter.

To further reinforce our commitment to the partnership, proceeds from the sale of each item of Sporting Club IOM EcoKit will be donated to Beach Buddies.

Tony Keating, Chair, Sporting Club Isle of Man:

“These announcements represent a big step forward for us in terms of our identity. The deal with Hope and Glory for team kit and sportswear and the opening up of our membership scheme at the end of March mean we can really start to engage with the local community and those further afield in the Manx diaspora.

It is also a great honour to be working with Beach Buddies. We are at the start of our own journey and the team in Sporting Club Isle of Man share the enthusiasm and commitment to success that Bill Dale and his volunteers have demonstrated, which has enabled them to be acknowledged globally for the great work they do.”

Ric Dennis, Hope and Glory Sportswear:

“We are extremely pleased to enter into a partnership with Sporting Club Isle of Man. We are privileged to work with a brand new club with such a forward thinking attitude who also have strong sustainability beliefs – we are excited to join them on their journey!”

Bill Dale BEM, Founder, Beach Buddies:

“We are delighted that Beach Buddies are Sporting Club Isle of Man’s first community partner and wish them well in what promises to be an exciting chapter for sport in the Isle of Man. We are very grateful that Beach Buddies will benefit from the sale of each piece of EcoKit apparel and look forward to working with all those involved with Sporting Club and its teams to help us promote the work we do.”