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Our Objectives

Sporting Club Isle of Man has three clear objectives:

1. Facilitate the creation and development of new Isle of Man based sports teams to compete off-island

We wish to enable local Sports Government Bodies (SGB), or other appropriate parties with SGB backing, to develop off-Island competition opportunities for Manx residents via the creation of new clubs and teams.

These new teams will be created to take part in semi professional/professional championships, leagues or series. 

Sporting Club Isle of Man will prioritise assistance to projects that are able to demonstrate the ability to develop or deliver:

  • New adult sports teams (16yrs +) backed by the local SGB with the aim of playing in regular off-Island competition
  • Regular competition beyond the Isle of Man, with each team competing in a championship, league or series. This does not include stand-alone events (unless directly linked to the preparation for regular competition).
  • New opportunities for Manx residents beyond the competition arena, in a fair, equitable and transparent manner.

2. Facilitate the creation and development of on-Island professional development opportunities and infrastructure to enable team sport progression

Reaching the levels of high performance our teams aspire to requires motivated and skilled individuals, whether that’s players/competitors, coaches, officials, medical/fitness professionals, administrators or ancillary professionals.

Sporting Club will support our teams in providing education and development opportunities to help individuals and groups advance their skills and knowledge to help the teams and associated sports progress.

We will provide assistance to our teams (financial and administrative) when requested or required to do so to ensure on-Island facility and equipment provision is appropriate for their current and future needs. This includes ensuring the facilities and equipment meet requisite standards for sports to enter the identified National or International league, championship or series.

3. Promote and support Manx community projects to develop and expand our Island’s existing social and sporting capital through team sport

Surplus funds generated through the activities of Sporting Club or our teams will be used to support the Manx community, its organisations, individuals and charities in their work towards measurable positive social and environmental change and progress.

This will be done in an open, transparent way with the aim of setting the benchmark for sports club governance, organisation and working practices both on and off Island.

With regular off-island competition Sporting Club Isle of Man and its teams will also be able to provide exciting opportunities for Isle of Man based businesses to partner with Manx teams to promote their services and products to a wider audience which will help our economy grow.

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Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

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2022/23 Membership

Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

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