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The Sporting Club directors were adamant that the Club, and the teams it owns, must work in both a financially and environmentally sustainable manner.

We identified with TicketCo, a young and exciting Norwegian digital ticketing company.

We are using their platform to manage our memberships and ticketing for events / matches. Their platform provides us all with an opportunity to be a paperless (and potentially in time cashless) organisation, and also provides the clubs members and supporters with a seamless journey when making purchases. Removing tickets from our matchdays will significantly reduce the natural resources used in the ticket production/issue/delivery process but will also significantly reduce cost.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above going ticketless also frees up valuable volunteer time for Clubs and Teams like ours in relation to time-consuming administrative tasks usually associated with events/matches such as cashing-up and reconciliation of funds.

TicketCo, like Sporting Club, are looking to do things differently and challenging the norm by removing the need requirement for physical tickets entirely. They want to be able to demonstrate that all types of events and organisations can remove their reliance on physical tickets quickly and easily. Helping reduce the environmental impact events have on the environment, reducing costs and improving customer experiences.

We look forward to our members and supporters using their TicketCo. app to make purchases before and during events/matches, and we hope it will really enhance their experience and engagement with the Club and its teams.

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Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

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