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Our Structure

The Sporting Club model

Sporting Club is community-owned “sporting club” that will  create, develop and promote, in time, regular professional sporting opportunities for Manx residents via Isle of Man based sports teams and associated community projects.

The sporting club model is a well-used approach found across Europe.  World famous sporting clubs include Barcelona and Benfica where their members support and participate in a variety team sports including Football, Basketball, Handball, Futsal, Rugby and Athletics.

YOUR Island, YOUR Community, YOUR Club

We believe our Island and its people can BE BETTER through a shared purpose and mission. 

This Sporting Club model will bring our community together around a shared purpose and relies upon us all working together, in each others best interest, for it to be a success.


Sporting Club Isle of Man Limited is a company ‘Limited By Guarantee’ registered in the Isle of Man. Sporting Club will become a registered charity in the very near future.

Individuals with a connection to, and interest in, the Isle of Man will have the opportunity to become a member of Sporting Club Isle of Man for an annual membership fee of £24 (inc VAT).

Membership will provide members with an opportunity to participate in the high-level decision-making processes at Sporting Club level alongside the opportunity to put themselves forward to be voted onto the Sporting Club Isle of Man board or as a Sporting Club representative on the Board of any team Sporting Club may own.

Our members will feel part of and contribute to the journey of each team Sporting Club own through this model.

It is important to note that sporting clubs corporate structure will not be restrictive to the progression of each teams YOUR club will own.  Each team will be able to source additional investment in exchange for shares in the company as required and if deemed appropriate by Sporting Club and its members up to BUT NOT EXCEEDING 49% of the share holding.

Sporting Club Isle of Man owns 100% of the share capital of each of its sports teams, and the constitution states that we can never dilute sporting club’s shareholding in these underlying entities below 51%.

This enshrines the community-owned ethos of the sporting club model.

The Sporting Club Isle of Man Memorandum of Association can be downloaded here.

Become a 2022/23 Member

Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

Learn more about Memberships.

2022/23 Membership

Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

Learn more about Memberships.

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