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Income and Funds

Sporting Club Isle of Man pledges to operate in a financial sustainable manner and its aim is for all teams its owns to be self-sustaining

The income generated by Sporting Club IOM will be through a number of means:

  • Annual Memberships –individuals that wish to become a member of the Club will be required to pay an annual fee of £20 (plus VAT).
  • Legacies and Donations – individuals, trusts and companies that wish to provide funds to Sporting Club IOM to fulfil its aims and objects can make one-off or regular donations.
  • Distributions – the sports team owned by Sporting Club IOM, once established and financially stable, will distribute an agreed percentage of any surplus generated back to its parent (Sporting Club IOM) to support the work towards its aims and objectives.

If you wish to make a donation or discuss any other financial contribution, please contact our Finance Director.

Funds are likely to be dispersed in the following ways:

  • If required and requested Sporting Club IOM could loan down or donate monies to the sports teams it owns to enable them to complete actions required to establish an operating entity and/or to gain acceptance into the relevant off-Island semi-professional or professional competition structure.
  • The sports teams Sporting Club IOM own could apply for a grant or request the Club make a donation to identified on-island projects within their sport to help develop and enhance the number and level of competitors available to them in the future.
  • Sporting Club IOM can and will make donations to local organisations and charities that work to add value and social capital to the community its members come from. Projects involved in sport and physical activity will be prioritised.

Become a 2022/23 Member

Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

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2022/23 Membership

Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

Learn more about Memberships.

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