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Our Teams

Sporting Club teams

Currently Sporting Club members own two teams – a football club (FC Isle of Man) and a cycling club (CC Isle of Man).

All our teams will seek to provide a platform between local sport and the highest professional levels for fans, players, coaches, officials, sport and non-sport support professionals.

Within each Club there will be clear development pathways for individuals and teams onto sustained success in a professional environment.

Outside of their sporting endeavour each club will act to provide Isle of Man based businesses and key partners with UK and European-wide exposure as well as promoting the Island itself as a fantastic place to live, work and play.

Playing / competing style

Sporting Club’s team’s playing / competing styles will play to our nation’s strengths.

They will be representative of the Island’s history and culture while recognising the people and communities that currently live on the Isle of Man. They will therefore take into account that, as a Manx community, we:

  • Are strong, proud and independent
  • Are used to defending the Island from larger forces but now wish to be a force themselves
  • Are resilient, resourceful, adaptable – Whichever way you throw us, we will stand
  • Have close community bonds and social ties
  • Have often stolen / withheld from larger countries – smuggler heritage
  • Are used to being David rather than Goliath
  • Often have to do and BeBetter with fewer opportunities and resources
  • Have a point to prove

Each Team’s commitment

Each team owned by Sporting Club Isle of Man is committed to:

  • Putting the Island’s community and its people first
  • Respecting and honouring the opportunity they have been given by their community as individuals and a collective to inspire and enhance our Island
  • Being positive, open, honest and respectful in all they do
  • Competing to the end, giving their best effort and intensity
  • Being stronger as individuals when working for each other as a team
  • Taking individual and collective ownership and accountability for their actions
  • Understanding and respecting that without each other, and the opposition they compete against, they are unable to truly understand and reach their potential.
  • Leaving the club and sport in a better place for future generations.
  • Working hard to ensure the Manx public can be proud of them based on their actions within and beyond the Sporting arena.

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Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

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2022/23 Membership

Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

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