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Our Vision

Put simply, our vision is this:

Create and develop a stable of sports teams based on the Isle of Man that will provide wide-ranging benefits to the Island’s community including (in time) access to, and a route into, professional sport.

As an Island, we have consistently produced world-class athletes from a relatively small population. Individuals have competed on the world stage at the Commonwealth Games, winter and summer Olympics, and within professional teams across a breadth of sports.

To date, the vast majority of those supported through to elite levels have come from individual sports. Similar opportunities for Isle of Man based sports teams, and the individuals within them, to develop the character and capabilities required to bridge the gap between amateur and professional levels have been much more difficult to obtain.

This gap is widening each year. It is therefore time for our community to act before the gap becomes a chasm.

Our community contains an amazing amount of sporting talent, but a growing number of Island residents with the potential, commitment and character to compete or work in high performance professional teams are finding it increasingly difficult to pursue their sporting dreams.

A talent drain already exists as sportspeople and their families move off-Island seeking opportunities – a situation that is set to continue unless attempts are made to provide a route to high performance team sport from our Island.


Not only will your teams provide a highway to professional sport for the Islands sportsmen and women your teams will also provide a route into high performance sporting environments for associated professions, businesses and supporters.


Team sport, in its purest form,  brings a community together through a shared interest and delivers wide ranging benefits related to the health and well-being of the community and the individuals within it.

Sporting Club Isle of Man, and the teams we own , will become beacons for our Island community. Beacons that will help us to identify and promote our strengths and similarities as individuals and as a community as a whole beyond our shores.

We believe through this shared interest and weekly narrative the OUR Island will become stronger – delivering opportunities and beneficial impacts across a range of sporting, social, emotional and economic factors.

Together we can Be Better – Bee ny Share.

We invite you to come on this journey with us and use your strengths to help us all Be Better.

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Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

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2022/23 Membership

Help create new opportunities for our Island through team sport.

Learn more about Memberships.

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